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Volunteer Appreciation, 2020

Nancy BrewerHow do we say goodbye to a year such as 2020? I’m sure that 2021 is peaking around the corner and wondering what may come. However, with all of the fears, frustrations and challenges that we have endured this year, there have been many positive things to recall:

We had wonderful shows in January and February and into early March. What were your favourites? Highlights for me were Chase Padgett’s 6 Guitars and Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal’s Dance Me (although every show was fantastic!)
And then, we went dark. But not for long as we reopened in September for our Studio 50/4 Now mini-season! What a fabulous time for all of us – the Board, our BPAC staff and of course having you, the volunteers, back safe and healthy! The joy on the faces of our patrons, staff and volunteers as we again enjoyed the music and stories in our beautiful building still warms my heart.

Your support this year has helped us to continue to be “a vibrant gathering place for the entire community”.
On behalf of the Board, I wish you all the joy of the season. And may you and your family and friends be safe, healthy and happy.

– Nancy Brewer, BPAC Board Chair

As we come to the end of another year, we want to take this time to thank all of you for your extraordinary dedication and support of the Burlington Performing Arts Centre. And it shows! Not only have 3,817 hours been contributed to volunteering alone in 2020, but of those, 607 hours are attributed to the fall season post-lock down. We are so lucky to have you with us and we look forward to building a bigger and even brighter future moving into 2021. Thank you for all that you do! It has been an honour working with you.

– From BPAC Staff and Board of Directors

Volunteer Stats
(Jan 1–Nov 25, 2020)

Total Number of Hours

24 Hours
Average Volunteer Time

Total Number of Volunteers

Lifetime Volunteer Stats

Total Number of Hours

460 Hours
Average Volunteer Time

Total Number of Volunteers

150 Hours

Each year, we recognize volunteers who have contributed 150 hours or more during the season.

Wendy Hall = 345.25
Bruce King = 282.75
Sarah Rocci = 263.50
Larraine Stange = 213.75
Jim Wright = 196
Marilyn Hackett = 194.50
Rob Lyng = 166.25
Judi Scetta = 154.25
Lisa Rolland = 153.50
Ann Fairbank = 150.92

Rookie of the Year

The Rookie of the Year Award is given annually. Of the volunteers who began at BPAC this season, the person who contributed the most hours is Frank Miele, with 66 hours.

King and Queen of Dance

The Dance King and Dance Queen awards are given annually to the male and female volunteers who work the most dance competition shifts. This year’s winners are:

Dance Queen: Wendy Hall
Dance King: Bruce King

50+ Events

Our next award recognizes those of you who have volunteered for 50 or more shifts in our 2018/2019 season.

Wendy Hall = 93
Bruce King = 81
Sarah Rocci = 76
Larraine Stange = 52
Jim Wright = 53
Marilyn Hackett = 54

500 Club

The following volunteers have each contributed over 500 hours since they began volunteering here at BPAC.

John Norkus = 578.75
Jennie Ghear = 574
Virginia Fleming = 548.9
Tony Finistauri = 542.1
Hilary Weightman = 527.5

5 Years of Service

Three years ago, we began recognizing volunteers who have contributed 5 years of service. The following volunteers have been a part of The Burlington Performing Arts Centre for 5 years, having started in the 2014-2015 season.

Doug Dickey
Brian Gould
Dianne Henley
Sally Lewis
Irene Quinn
Larraine Stange
Ron Wilson

1,000 Hours

The following individual is the latest to join the BPAC 1,000 Hour Club. Having contributed 1,000 or more volunteer hours since joining BPAC, these individuals have continuously shown a dedication above and beyond to the growth of the arts community in Burlington.

Congratulations to John Gibson on achieving over 1000 hours!

2,000 Hours

New category! The following people are the first two forging the new 2,000 Hour Club:

Lorraine Love = 2,087.5
Wendy Hall = 2,049.6

We’d also like to thank…

BPAC would like to recognize the following local businesses who have generously donated gifts for Volunteer Appreciation:

Long & McQuade Musical Instruments
Shawn & Ed Brewing Company
Mirella’s Ladies Boutique
Scrivener’s Mens Apparel
Coffee Culture


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