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Together, We Are Burlington

Everyday in Burlington, someone does something for a friend, a stranger or their community. Many times, no one knows the action or even the impact it has. Sure, the city has some larger than life events and local personalities that are exciting, award-winning and newsworthy, but it’s the random acts of community that really build our strength, sense of belonging and defines who we are as a city.

The City of Burlington is asking residents to share stories at of what makes you proud to be Canadian and a Burlington resident, and how we come together as a city. Tell us about how you or someone you know has made a difference or has brought people together through random acts of community; moments of kindness or through small acts that may have made a bigger impact in your life or those around you.

Examples of stories could be as simple as neighbours helping each other or coordinating something that brings the community together. It could be a story about how you or someone you know were made to feel welcome and a part of the community. Of course, we also want to hear of the bigger things like volunteers and those who organize food drives, environmental clean-ups and advocate for a better life for everyone.

Starting March 29, share your story on by uploading your short video from YouTube or Vimeo (1 minute or less) or writing your story in 500 words or less. Registration to Get Involved Burlington is needed but only requires a postal code and email. Stories posted will be visible to anyone on the page and open to messages of kindness, inspiration and support. Check the site frequently to see new stories and be inspired.
Stories will be accepted until June 30, 2021 and City staff may reach out to request permission to feature your submission.