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Retirement came easier than I thought. Not a leap from a high cliff, but a stroll with family out a familiar door. Thus ended forty-nine years of United Church ministry. The last thirty of them at flagship congregation in downtown Toronto. Off to the cottage in the country for a whole year of self-imposed decompression. Last fall, a friend suggested I put my name on the area supply preaching list. Then the pandemic came. Now it has been five months at the dead end of a country road. Suddenly, a nibble. An inquiry about summer preaching for a few weeks via ZOOM. Steep learning curve. New technology, new people, new muscles required. My gifted wife and techie kids set it up. We went live in July. A few faces on the gallery scene. No family members walking through, or dogs barking in the background. Connection and welcome. Just felt like home, (seeing as I was at home). Miracle of miracles, there were even more people in the gallery the next Sunday.

By: M. Sinclair