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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC LIVE Coral Kingdoms and Empires of Ice

BURLINGTON (JANUARY 3, 2023)— National Geographic Live, National Geographic’s touring speaker series that brings to life the awe-inspiring stories of National Geographic Explorers, and The Burlington Performing Arts Centre are proud to announce “Coral Kingdoms and Empires of Ice” with David Doubilet and Jennifer Hayes, a team of National Geographic underwater photographers. The event, sponsored by local media partner CHCH, will take place at 7pm, Thursday, January 26, 2023, in the Main Stage Theatre at BPAC.

Doubilet has a long and intimate vision into the sea. He began snorkeling at age eight at summer camp in the Adirondack and by age 12 he was making pictures underwater using a Brownie Hawkeye camera stuffed into a rubber bag. The bag filled with air and it was like trying to submerge the Hindenburg. The pictures were barely recognizable. He has long since mastered the techniques of working with water and light to become one of the world’s most celebrated underwater photographers and a contributing photographer for National Geographic magazine, where he has published nearly 70 stories since his first assignment in 1971.

Doubilet has spent five decades under the surface in the far corners of the world from interior Africa, remote tropical coral reefs, rich temperate seas and recent projects in the northern and southern ice. His personal challenge is to create a visual voice for the world’s oceans and to connect people to the incredible beauty and silent devastation happening within the invisible world below.

Hayes is an aquatic biologist and photojournalist specializing in natural history and marine environments. She has authored and edited numerous articles on marine environments, and her images have appeared in books, advertising campaigns, and publications such as National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, Sport Diver, DIVE Magazine, Diver, People, Alert Diver, and Ocean Geographic. She is co-author / photographer for Face to Face with Sharks by National Geographic Books and an honorary editor for Ocean Geographic magazine.

Hayes and Doubilet collaborate as a photographic team above and below water on project development, story production, feature articles, and books. National Geographic assignments have taken them around the globe from Africa’s Okavango Delta, through tropical and temperate seas, and to the poles. Recent projects have found them in the remote corners of the Great Barrier Reef, under oil and gas rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, swimming among congregations of 500-pound goliath grouper, and submerged in the ice with harp seal mothers and pups.

National Geographic Live is the live events division of National Geographic. Its broad roster of talent, including renowned photographers, scientists, authors, filmmakers, and adventurers, share their behind-the-scenes stories from the front lines of exploration alongside stunning imagery and gripping footage to audiences throughout the United States and abroad. For more information on National Geographic Live and other National Geographic events, please visit

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Thursday, November 17, 2022 at 7 p.m.
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