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BPAC Presents


To The End of Love - The Songs of Leonard Cohen

The Words and Music of Leonard Cohen. We’ve assembled a group of artists – singers, authors, and musicians alike – with profound love and respect for Leonard Cohen’s work to pay tribute to his legacy.

Singers Steven Page, Sarah Slean, Tom Wilson, Gregory Hoskins and Tamara Lindeman will perform Cohen’s songs in arrangements by top Canadian composers, and a rotating cast of writers will share personal anecdotes.

“I thoroughly enjoy the Art of Time evenings. I like the surprises, the contextual shifts, the unusual repertoire. I like that I’m expected to bring my brains along.”
— Ronald Weihs,

“An Art of Time performance is a chance to make precious contact with what music truly is – a source of revelation and wonder.” — Sarah Slean, Singer

“Art of Time’s brilliance lies in presenting expertly performed classical music, but stripped of the many conventions which can make more traditional performances feel like you’re being kept at arm’s length. By blowing out the fourth wall and talking to the audience directly, explaining why this particular movement was chosen or why that song has come in for critical controversy, the music becomes a more vividly personal thing – it gets deeper under your skin, and the performance stays with you longer.” – Hamutal Dotan,

Dates & Times

Sun Oct 16, 2022 at 4pm


Main Theatre

Show Length

Approx. 90 mins.

Ticket Prices

Regular: $59.50 (All-in)
Member: $54.50 (All-in)