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19/20 BPAC Presents


Tickets available on WED SEP 18.

The Joshua Show

Spend your afternoon with The Ambassador of Joy and award-winning puppeteer, Joshua Holden. His show, The Joshua Show, could cheer up even the grumpiest grump, like Joshua’s right-hand man, Mr. Nicholas, who is planning an escape to outer space. With singing, tap dancing, and a cast of zany puppets, Joshua sets out to convince Mr. Nicholas to stay, and in doing so, he brings glee to the masses.

Curriculum Connections

  • Elements of character/role in drama
  • Expression of ideas/feelings using elements of drama
  • First experience in drama and music

“the perfect combination of warmth, wisdom, and whimsy” – Role Call

Dates & Times

THU OCT 24, 2019 – 12:30pm

Grade Level



Main Theatre

Ticket Prices

Regular: $10 (All in)