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19/20 BPAC Presents

Green Thumb Theatre: THE CODE

The Code

When Moira organizes a protest at school that inadvertently results in the spring dance being cancelled, students lash out at her online and in-person causing her to rely on her friends Simon and Connor for support. But when Simon reveals romantic feelings for Moira that are unrequited, he angrily posts a cruel video that goes instantly viral. The Code starts an insightful conversation about consent, navigating the bumps in a relationship without doing things we regret, and dealing with the hurtful ramifications of online bullying.

Curriculum Connections

  • Drama to promote empathy and understanding
  • Drama to inform and affect social change
  • Drama to communicate a positive message

“Engaging cast, emotional delivery, great talk afterwards with the students. One of the best shows I’ve attended in years. Great job Green Thumb!” – patron

Dates & Times

THU NOV 21, 2019 – 10am

Grade Level



Main Theatre

Ticket Prices

Regular: $10 (All in)

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