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BPAC Presents

The Acting of a Song with Steve Ross & Ben Page

Steve Ross & Ben Page

As part of a coaching session, see how Ben and Steve work together to prepare a song or a monologue for an upcoming audition. Discover why the choice of audition material is so important. Sometimes we are provided with specific material to prepare and sometimes we are asked to choose for ourselves. Ben will prepare a song and a monologue and the two will discuss in detail how to prepare both of these for an upcoming audition. Along the way Steven and Ben will be happy to field any and all questions regarding audition preparation or any other questions about the business. These types of virtual coaching sessions have become extremely common during the pandemic. Everything seems to be online…including auditions…so how can we make the most of our screens…as opposed to apologize for them?

Live Google Meet

Moderated by Tammy Fox


60 mins. No intermission.