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Classic Albums Live Let It Bleed

1969. The Stones drop Let It Bleed, and from the opening notes of “Gimme Shelter” you knew the 60s were over. Time passes and things change. The Stones have always been on the forefront of this.

The album is a knotted silk scarf of sound. Keith is at the top of his game… his guitar is a razor blade of styles; blues/rock/country. Keith is unconcerned with what’s hip: his is true sound.
And Mick is the poet… the monkey poet: not settling for flowery verse he takes the pen and cuts open the jugular. I never thought Mick got the props for the poetry, but his is better than Byron and all the other English gentlemen combined.

We’re going to pay this album the ultimate respect and perform it note for note – cut for cut because we can all get what we need.

Craig Martin
Classic Albums Live

Founded in 2003 by Craig Martin, Classic Albums Live takes the greatest albums and recreates them live on stage – note for note – cut for cut, using the best musicians. “Think of it as a recital,” says Martin, “these albums are historic and stand the test of time.” Forgoing costumes and impersonations, Classic Albums Live has found success in concentrating solely on the music. “We don’t dress up or wear any sort of costume. We just stand there and play. All of our energy is put into the music. We want the performance to sound exactly like the album,” says Martin.

This year BPAC is pleased to bring an all time classic album to our stage, The Rolling Stones’ Let it Bleed. This is a show you will not want to miss. A show that will have you singing The Stones’ the whole way home!

Sponsored by:
Stoner & Company Family Law

Dates & Times

Fri Nov 25, 2022 at 8pm


Main Theatre

Show Length

Approx. 90 mins.

Ticket Prices

Regular: $69.50 (All-in)
Member: $64.50 (All-in)