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19/20 BPAC Presents

Bouge de là: THE 26 LETTER DANCE

The 26 Letter Dance is a visually stunning and completely accessible dance performance for primary audiences that blend the world of the alphabet with the world of dance. It is an Alphabet Primer that is danced, not a dance about the alphabet. During short vignettes, random letters are introduced on stage using movement, costumes, lighting and props and it’s the job of the audience to identify the letters or words! Audience interaction is encouraged throughout because this performance is more like a game – even better, it’s a word search!

Curriculum Connections

  • Movement as a communicator of messages/ideas
  • Unconventional movement in live theatre
  • Understanding the elements of dance: body, space, time

“26 Letter Dance’s march through the alphabet leaves kids spellbound.” – The Toronto Star

Dates & Times

FRI JAN 17, 2020 – 10am + 1pm

Grade Level



Main Theatre

Ticket Prices

Regular: $10 (All in)

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