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BPAC Presents


His Career: Kevin will briefly tell the story of how he went f rom being the age of the students present to where he is today as a professional musician. Kevin will break the ‘struggling artist’ misconception (COVID notwithstanding!) by telling students about all of the various facets of his musical career, which include performer, orchestral arranger, composer, session musician for other musician’s recordings, ‘side guy’ supporting musician, musical director, producer and teacher.

The Instruments: The cello is a member of the Classical family of instruments. Kevin will discuss the very basics of this family, asking for a raise of hands to see who amongst the students might play one or to name the other stringed instruments.

Kevin will also talk about the role these instruments now play outside of the Classical genre. We hear their use in much of the popular material today without perhaps knowing it. Could these instruments possibly be cool today?

The acoustic guitar will also make an appearance and Kevin will discuss this very common instrument in today’s music.

Technology: Kevin uses technology, like his looping pedal, in live performances – but he also uses computer software to compose and record albums for artists around the world, from the comfort of his own home!

Live Google Meet

Moderated by Tammy Fox


50-60 mins. No intermission.