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Reservation Request Form


Reservation Request Form

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Important Order Details

Each ticket is $10 including tax and fees
All tickets are general admission
Seating is determined based on order date

Failure to confirm your reservation will result in the release of seats for regular on-sale on September 19th.

Teacher/Student Ratio

Grade JK-6:
1:10 = 1 Teacher is FREE for every 10 paid students

Grade 7-12:
1:20 = 1 Teacher is FREE for every 20 paid students

Each additional adult will be charged student fee of $10.00

Next Steps

A BPAC staff member will confirm reservation within 5 business days
A reservation confirmation letter will be emailed. Please keep for your records.
A BPAC staff member will reconnect in late August to confirm your attendance numbers
A 30% deposit is due upon confirmation. Payment of deposit will secure your order. Failure to pay deposit will result in release of seats.
Confirmation of booking must be received before Fri Sep 16, 2022 or your seats will be released for regular on sale on September 19th

Reservation Request Form