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Busing & Directions

WHEN and WHERE should buses drop off students?

Buses should drop off students approximately ½ hour BEFORE the performance start time.

Buses should unload students at the north side of the building in the Bus Unloading Zone on Elgin Street (see map below).

Buses are NOT PERMITTED to stop on Burlington Ave, Locust St. or Ontario St.. Buses are directed to park elsewhere – the City of Burlington does not permit buses to park on city streets.

WHEN should buses pick up students?

Buses should pick up students approximately 55 minutes to 1 hour AFTER the performance start time. Please note that all school performances will be approximately 50-60 minutes in length (unless otherwise notified) with a short Question and Answer Session to follow.

Buses must unload/load in the bus loading zone on Elgin St. Bus parking on city streets is not allowed.

Bus unloading zone on Elgin St.

For more information on school performances, education, student workshops and events contact Joanne Churchill, Education & Outreach Manager.

905-681-2551 x 6311

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