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BPAC COVID-19 Update

The Burlington Performing Arts Centre remains closed as per the Ontario Government directive to protect against COVID-19. Staff are currently working remotely. We are doing our best to ensure we stay connected with you and continue to plan forward.

All performances and events previously scheduled up to August 31st have been moved or cancelled and some performances past that date may also be affected. If you have a question about a cancelled or moved show please email

BPAC is currently closed for in-person service, however we continue to be available to you by phone and email. We will respond to all messages but response time may be slower than normal due to the large number of performances being cancelled and rescheduled. To get in touch with the Box Office call and leave a message at 905-681-6000 or email

BPAC COVID–19 Phase 2 Service Resumption Strategy – Health & Safety

The Burlington Preforming Arts Center has initiated a phased resumption plan for the return of service. The BPAC Resumption Plan has 4 phases and serves as a framework for the resumption of service. As we move forward with the gradual resumption of services it is critical to keep in mind that we will be constantly evaluating this process to ensure the safety of our staff, clients, and community members. Implementation will vary as restrictions are relaxed and occupational capacities are raised.

At Phase 2, BPAC remains closed to the public but open to limited-cohort private rental usage. At this time, gatherings may not exceed a total of 10 persons per designated area.

Health & Safety Protocols for Operating at Phase 2

Staff and Contractors
  • All staff members are expected to self-assess for symptoms every day before leaving home.
  • Exterior doors are locked by coded access and only essential workers and pre-scheduled contractors can enter.
  • All essential staff and contractors are to enter and exit from the same location at the stage entrance.
  • Upon entry all staff and contractors are expected to proceed to the nearest hand washing location and conduct recommended hand washing.
  • Each staff member is expected to wash or sanitize their hands frequently. All hand washing locations have signage and instruction for recommended hand washing techniques
  • Each staff member is expected to wear a face mask and any other PPE as required for assigned duties when necessary. Staff working directly with contractors or rental clients are expected to wear face coverings or masks.
  • Each staff is expected to maintain physical distancing of 2 meters with co-workers and clients whenever possible.
  • Each staff member is expected to clean up after yourself in your works station or utilized common areas using cleaning materials provided.
  • All visiting contractors are limited to one contracting service onsite at anytime.
  • All visiting contractors are screened by the Operations Manager prior to gaining access to the building. A pre-screening checklist is filled out for each visit.
  • Meetings among staff and visitors are encouraged to be conducted remotely via phone, teams, or zoom whenever possible.
Facility User Group Expectations
  • All User Groups and their participants are expected to pre-screen prior to arrival.
  • All User Groups and their participants are expected to provide answers and contact information for a COVID-19 Screening questionnaire for each day.
  • All User Groups and their participants are expected to follow the Provincial guidelines for gatherings, including social distancing measures.
  • As per Provincial guidelines, User Groups and their participants are not permitted to sing anywhere inside the building.
  • All User Groups are expected to provide their own PPE.
  • All User Groups and their participants are expected to wear a face covering at all times when inside the building. (Exceptions are made for performers who are being recorded onstage while performing.)
  • User Groups are expected to follow the protocols set forth by the Province of Ontario and their organizing bodies. (Ex: City of Burlington)
  • User Groups are expected to operate within their approved areas of the building only.
  • User Groups are expected to provide approved cleaning product for their areas of use.
  • User Groups are responsible for cleaning touch points twice daily in their utilized areas.
  • Elevators are limited to 1 rider per car if users are not using a face covering or 2 riders per car if both occupants are wearing face coverings.
  • Sharing of surfaces/equipment are discouraged and must be disinfected between users.
Enhanced Cleaning and Sanitization Measures
  • All commonly used touch points are sanitized 3 times daily (door handles, handrails, security keypads, and washroom fixtures).
  • Building is fully cleaned and sanitized once per week (all floors, workstations, performance areas, elevators, and access hallways).
  • Only disinfectants approved by the Operations Manager should be used.
  • Employees must be trained in cleaning and disinfecting, including the safe use of chemicals
  • Cleaning supply stock is managed by the Operations Manager. Please consult the Operations Manager if you are low on supplies or require clarification on use.
  • The use of automated door openers is encouraged to reduce touch points.
  • Sanitization product has been placed at all entry points.
  • PPE is available for all Staff, Contractors, and Visitors at entry points.
  • All commonly used doorways will be propped open to reduce repeated interaction with touch points
  • Signage for proper hand washing techniques has been posted at all hand washing locations.
  • The threshold for introduced fresh air in HVAC system has been increased to reduce re-circulated contaminated air.
  • Areas and rooms that are not required for client use are cleaned, quarantined, and marked sanitized. Any use of these rooms must be approved by the Operations Manager.
  • All technical equipment and backline that is utilized during a rental is cleaned and sanitized after each performer interacts with the equipment.
  • Facility inspections are conducted bi-weekly to ensure there are no leaks or issues in disused areas of the building.

For complete information and the latest local updates on coronavirus, please visit the City of Burlington’s coronavirus update page: