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max honiball

Max Honiball is an Associate Lawyer at Frederikse Law, practicing across all of the Firm’s practice areas. Max was born and raised in Buckinghamshire, England and moved to Exeter in the south-west of the country for his undergraduate studies. After a rigorous dual law degree studying both the British LLB in Exeter and the French ‘Maîtrise en Droit Européen I’ in Rennes, he continued his legal studies with a Master’s Degree in International Law, Conflict and Security.

While enjoying extra-curricular activities in University, Max became involved with the University Rifle Club, Army Officer Training Corps, and the University Big Band. After falling in love with Canada after five summers working for Ontario Camping Ministries in Huntsville, Max emigrated to the province in 2020, and completed the National Committee on Accreditation’s ‘challenge exams’ for foreign-educated law graduates while quarantining from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Max loves travel and is an avid musician; two hobbies which are serendipitously supported by his role as a British Army Reserve Musician. Since moving to Canada, Max has obtained a foreign detachment to the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry band, and looks forward to representing both his home and adoptive nations in public performances.


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