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jim thompson

Jim Thompson and his family have lived in Burlington for over 30 years. A retired executive business leader, Jim spent 40 years working in management, operations and real estate for the world’s #1 retailer, Walmart. Jim’s experience working in North America, Central America and Asia has provided him with a unique and broad global perspective. A balanced and influential leader, Jim is known as a trailblazer who spearheaded Walmart Canada’s biggest year of expansion and growth, developing and launching the Supercentre one-stop shopping experience and heading its successful roll-out North of the border. Jim is known as a kind, inspiring and collaborative leader, consistently reminding his team that the customer is the one they are all working for. He has a reputation of high values and integrity, and was recognized as a Corporate Cultural Champion by his peers.

Jim has stayed busy in his retirement and it is clear he has a passion for working collaboratively. He is currently a Board Member, Consultant, Mentor and Speaker. Jim’s Not-for-Profit activities keep him very busy – he sits on the Boards of Children’s Miracle Network, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Foundation, President’s Advisory Council for Toronto Habitat for Humanity, and for the last seven years he has been the Executive In Residence for Ivey Business School IFP.


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