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Backstage with Canadian Quartet The Dreamboats

Experiencing the Arts Online Puts Into Perspective the Value of What Music & Performing Artists Really Bring to the Table

It is a challenging time for the performing artists we love and support, but Canadian quartet The Dreamboats are doing what they know best: sharing their love of music to bring a sense of comfort and entertainment during this challenging time — showing us just how much the performing arts connect and nourish us as a community. As we eagerly await the day when we can welcome you back to BPAC, we are putting the spotlight on our artists and featuring the ways in which they are sharing their art, the upcoming projects they are excited to share, and how patrons can support them.

In honour of The Dreamboats’ performance that was supposed to take place at BPAC last month, we talked to the band about what inspired them to start performing, how music can unite communities during a time that can feel isolating for many, and their first full-length album!

Who are The Dreamboats?

The Dreamboats are comprised of Sir Ritchie Hummins (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Bryan Lewis (Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar), Matt Best (Lead Guitar, Vocals), and Johnny G. Wiz (Drums, Vocals). The young and energetic quartet are known for their “award-winning music inspired by the 50s & 60s sound that they adore.” Bringing back “good ol’ rock n’ roll,” The Dreamboats are equal parts Chuck Berry and The Wonders and perform with unmatched energy and a timeless sound that has audience members dancing along all night.

If you took the charisma of the Beatles, combined with the fresh beats of the fictional band the Wonders from the 1996 Tom Hanks hit film “That Thing You Do,” threw in some attitude from Dion and the Belmonts and pour in a whole lotta pop hooks from Weezer, you’d have the blistering vintage, yet contemporary sound of Canadian rockers the Dreamboats. ” –

The Dreamboats have toured internationally in Europe and California and have performed at the “legendary” Cavern Club in Liverpool, England. They often accompany their performances will tales from the adventures they’ve had “on the road.”

What inspired you to first start performing?

At a young age I was definitely inspired by watching my older peers at school participate in talent shows. I’m very thankful that our education system allowed us to use performance as an outlet as well as inspire the younger students that had the opportunity to witness it. I’d like to think that it was these moments that directed the course of my life into being a performing artist.

What do you love the most about performing live for audiences?

I’ve always been a people pleaser in my life sometimes for better or for worse! Performing for audiences who show genuine interest and support for the things I love to do is a dream come true. I feed off of a crowd’s energy. It’s a feeling I can’t get enough of.

The ability to make people happy doing the things that I genuinely love to do has always been a win-win for me.

What has been the highlight of your career to date?

I’d say the highlight that was a dream come true was to play the cavern club in Liverpool back in 2015 on our first European tour. When the band was started back in 2009, we always joked about playing there as if it was impossible. The year of our tour, we saved our money and set goals for ourselves to achieve it. We plan on releasing a five-year anniversary video of all of us watching the recorded performance and chatting about the experience. Stay tuned!

What value do you think that music and performing brings during this uncertain time?

I feel a lot of people have the need to be stimulated during these times of uncertainty and isolation through technology and their devices.

Experiencing the arts online has definitely been a great escape for people, and definitely puts into perspective the value of what music and performing artists really bring to the table.

Being an artist is one of the hardest things to receive recognition for. Hopefully this experience can help put more value into how artists are received.

How can audience members support you as the live performance industry goes through this challenging period?

Engaging with your favourite artists online is always a great thing to do. Sharing their work and content can definitely prepare your favourite artists to be ready to get back to it when this whole pandemic has run its course. Purchasing their music and merch online can really help offset any financial loss for artists. Support their Patreon and go fund me type initiatives to help them keep creating comfortably for everyone.

Are there any upcoming projects you’re working on right now and are excited to share?

We are always keeping busy with new content, but the project We are most excited about is the Dreamboats’ first full length album expected to be complete in early 2021. Since performing has taken a little bit of a backseat, we have been busy writing a lot of new material and recording videos. We can’t wait to show you what we have been up to!

What are looking forward to the most once this passes?

We are really looking forward to filling up the schedule and doing what we do best: that is being on stage as four brothers who love what they do. We miss our fans and can’t wait to play for them once again.

A message to audience members who had purchased tickets to The Dreamboats at BPAC:

It broke my heart to hear of all the performance cancellations. We feel so much love from our fans and supporters and it means the world to us. To anyone purchased a ticket for our show, just know that we are looking forward to putting on the best performances we have ever done when this is all over. It’s because of you all that has helped us find different ways to keep working under these challenging times. We are inspired by your love and support. Thank you so much, and we can’t wait to play for you all again soon!

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